5 things about treating yourself to a Spa weekend

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I used to think Spas were these over priced places, full of old people, where people in white robes were boringly doing… Well… Nothing.

Then I grew up, started to work (which if you are passionate, can get stressful sometimes), and I had more meetings to be on time to, more people that were counting on me more and more that I wanted to achieve.

It was here when it became so clear and a weekend at the Spa doing nothing started to make sense! Here are my 5 reasons why you should treat yourself to a weekend at the Spa more often than you think.




1. Your Skin: Have you ever been cooking pasta and put your face on the top of the steam just ‘because it felt nice’? Well, yes it does feel nice and it is definitely a cheaper way to start a homemade facial! After a day at the spa, spent between the steam room and the sauna, my skin always feels amazing and bright, and all of this without any products. I sometimes treat myself to a treatment or simply bring some face masks and scrubs from home.

2. Time: Whilst appreciating your inexpensive facial in the steam room, it is also the best time to just let go of time. If you are like me, and find satisfaction in squeezing as many things as you can into a day – because there are so many cool/fun/ interesting things you can do or achieve in that One day – taking a the opportunity to simply forget time is essential. I try to not look at clocks and that feels incredibly good.

3. That Book: You know this book that has been recommended by your best friend and has been sitting on your bedside table (or has now made it to the pile of books that sits in the corner of your room) for over 3 months? Well, in-between taking a dip in the pool or in the steam room with a face mask on, you’ll find plenty of time to read it… and what better place than whilst lying in your robe on a comfy bed.








4. Fresh Air: I have been lucky to visit Spas that were mainly in the middle of a beautiful country side, and only a short train trip away from London. I think that makes the difference and makes it the perfect staycation – another reason to spend a little bit extra on too – I always think that it costs me the same amount as a normal social weekend spent in London

5. Sharing: Looking to do something with your girlfriends that is not only catching up for a brunch or committing to a holiday? Or, for a first “holiday” with a new significant other? There you have it. On this weekend, I took one of my best of friends for her 30th birthday, we did all of the things above and even had a lovely photography session in the park (hence her beautiful pictures).







Hoping this will convince you to look at your calendar, find a free weekend, and just to treat yourself 😉




Pictures by: Jennifer Moyes

Location: Champney’s Spa Henlow



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