Planning my first trip of the year – New York City

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I am very lucky to be starting my year with a trip to New York City! I have always dreamt of going but I guess the occasion hasn’t showed up, until now. My sister told me a month ago she was going there for work, and so I thought, why not! I am also going to take the opportunity to visit quickly Montreal for a night, as I am curious to see if it could be a city I would enjoy living in. 

Now, since I have never been to New York or Montreal, I am following what I usually do to plan my trips away, to be ready to travel in peace! 

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Book Flights 

I know there are plenty of websites out there to book and find flights, but I personally like to use Google flights. It is very user friendly and it is also very useful when you have to book multiple flights ( like me here ) as it gives you the different options possible in one and only page. 

JackFlightClub is also a good option if you are based in UK or Ireland. I have personally never used it, but I have heard so many good reviews and will definitely try for my next trip. 


Check whether I need a VISA or permit

I only do this if I am travelling outside of Europe ( Pray for me I won’t have to do the same after Brexit ) and just Google it to make sure I do the necessary.  *** Make sure you do it at least 72h before your trip*** 


Whistler, BC, Canada

Before booking a place to stay 

I quickly check out online where are the best areas of the city to stay in. I like to stay in a non touristy area (I usually avoid too central areas and downtowns) and prefer staying where locals live.





Book a hotel or place to stay

I have let my sister book for us the hotel ( We are going to stay at Gramercy- boutique hotel in Manhattan) but I am excited to start using my WithRoam membership to book hotels in the future! They are launching in January 2019 and get exclusives hotel rates at little gems across the world (My interview on their blog here

Organisation time 

Now I have everything admin wise sorted, I take 10min to group infos at the same place. Raise your hand if you have been strolling through your emails to find the confirmation of the place you are staying to find its address, whilst the taxi or bus is about to leave? *Me raising my hand* 

I just create a note on my phone, print screen my flights infos, add all of the addresses I am going to stay at, look for the airport transit and best travel route and I am all set!


1* Ask: If you lucky to know someone who has been where you are going? Then great, this is the first place you should ask for advise and recommendations! Some social media platforms as well give you the option to ask your “friends” so that is a good way to get good addresses too.

2* Travel blogs. This is one of my favourite part of planning my trips and here is my top 5: 

3* City official website: You can find some good infos on looking for the Tourism website of where you are going and also find out the latest of what is going on in the area. A must! 



Now, time to pack your luggage! 






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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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