The 5 Reasons why I workout

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No science behind this article, and this is truly the reasons why I personally work out and love it! The aim of this post is to encourage some of you who maybe need motivation, understand why some people like to workout that much and just because this blog is about sharing what I love.

I come from a sporty family, probably very sporty family. My parents ran more than 20 marathons each, a 100km race, probably 50 half marathons, and many many kind of races and treks. Not surprising that I did 10 years of gymnastic, always loved sport and played in the boys teams at school. It has followed me in my adult life, and I rarely go a long time without doing any kind of exercises that will get my heart and booty moving 🙂 Here are the reasons why!


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Reason 1: Keeps me balanced

I love to eat. If you have been following me for a little while – either on my blog or on instagram – you have probably seen the many many posts and stories about food and what I devour. I have tried to “diet”, reduce the amount of food I eat, try to go to a restaurant and think ” I am going to have a salad today”, but always ends up eating the dish that will give me the most joy and not the healthiest .

Don’t give me wrong, I know that I need to fuel my body, and I am blatantly aware that eating cupcakes for breakfast, is not particularly healthy. I try to pack my diet with delicious fresh food, trying to get all of the nutriments I need, enjoy desserts and afternoon cakes when I feel like it. Which means I try to exercise when I can, to balance my eating and keep my body fit!



Reason 2: Keeps me happy

I am not sure if you are aware, but doing exercise actually produce endorphin. This hormone is associated to positive feelings and gives you this “happy” sensation. Sometimes ( mostly when I haven’t exercised for a little while – yes it happens and that’s okay! ) I don’t feel like going for a run when it is dark, raining, and I have had a long day. However, I always try to think about how good I will feel once I have moved my booty and finished this run. It works, I promise!

Reason 3: Gives me energy

I think just like me you have people around that don’t do that much, but are always tired. I am a true believer that the less you do, the less you want to do, and the more tired you get/feel. During the week, I like to exercise after work and at the end of the day (Though now being freelance, I am starting to try to workout in the morning, before I need to leave for meetings). But at the weekend, I love waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, and just go for a run or a workout to kick start the weekend! I feel like it gives me so much extra energy and I sleep a lot better too.

Reason 4: Helps with Stress

Not only exercising realises “happy” hormones, it has also been shown to help people with stress or anxiety. After a stressful day, most of the time there is a part of me that just want to lay on the couch and do nothing, continue to stress about work, and just be miserable. But the other part of me knows that if I don’t get out, and get that sweat going and a good workout, I’ll stay in that state of mind. Good for the body, good for the mind!


Reason 5: Spend time with my friends & family

Top three things me and my girl friends do: talk, workout and eat or drink. Very often, we would organise to go to a gym class or for a run and then go for brunch or for dinner. I find it the perfect way to catch up and also it is soooo motivating to go with someone else to exercise. If you are only starting, or wanting to get back to exercise, having someone with you is definitely of huge help to keep you going.


I hope this will encourage some of you to maybe try to challenge yourself and do it for the right reasons.

Love yourselves 🙂

Manon xx


manon's little kitchen


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5th & 9th: Jennifer Moyes


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