5 things I am loving this month

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Style: Pink



I have always loved pink and I have realised how many pink items I own now! I think it is a colour that I have always loved, and with my olive skin it actually works well. I don’t think I have a specific style – I just wear what feels right for my body and the colours that match my mood that day. Seems like I am definitely very happy right now because I am loving the bright colours!

I went to the hairdresser this week (to the amazing Stil Salon for a complimentary colour and cut) and I even re-did my hair pink!


Food: Rhubarb


You have probably seen it all over your instagram – rhubarb is now in season in the UK. It always reminds me of home. My dad would bring back about 10kg of rhubarb at the start of the season each year.  My sister and I would spend one or two afternoons pealing and preparing the rhubarb. My mum would then make rhubarb and prune jam for our year’s consumption!  The task was not the most enjoyable one but the joy of eating prune and rhubarb jam all year round made it all the worthwhile.

Here in London, I don’t really make jam. Maybe there is something about eating jam and appreciating it when I am around a table in Brittany with my family rather than on my own for breakfast.

However I do still buy a lot of rhubarb to make rhubarb and almond pie, rice pudding with rhubarb compote or simple apple and rhubarb vegan crumble.


New Place: SmokeStak



At the end of Brick Lane, you will find Smokestak . It is funny, I am not sure whether I loved or hated the interior, but it clearly has an effect! Think underground, mechanic, old factory from the 40’s – I was a little bit scared to go to the loos because it looked like I was in Saw!

But apart from that the food was such a good surprise! They have a small menu which I was expecting would have a burger. I was disappointed at first but actually happy they didn’t, because it allowed me to try something different. Everything was very tasty, very different and refined, and actually reasonably priced.

Would recommend trying the jacket potatoes and also the smokey pork belly!


Thing to do in London: Columbia road Market

Photos by Jennifer Moyes



Don’t know what to do on Sunday? Columbia road market is often one of the things I love to do! I know it is busy – yes it is popular and with tourists I know – but I always have a good time. Strolling around the small street, listening to the street performers playing jazz and discovering a new little shop every time.

I also think it is one of the best places to buy plants. But make sure you check how to look after your plants before buying them!


Life: Growing my plants and propagate them




I am a plant lady. We live in a world where we can obtain everything very quickly. Food, partner, clothes etc … But with plants, you just can’t, and that is beautiful. I have about 10 different types of plants, and probably about the double in plant pots. I have learnt to look after them with experience and also love. I have killed a few on the way and still do every so often because of the hard London water – which is a problem tricky to tackle here – but I keep persisting to find a solution!

What brings me most joy is when they make babies! I grow them to a point where I can share with friends and family. Sounds silly, but it is very rewarding and also relaxing 🙂



I hope you like it


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