Whitstable – A day by the sea side

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Went for the first time to Whitstable this week and and I fell in love with a new english town.

My friend Marine came up with the idea, and she say let’s go Tuesday! Both being self employed, we decided to put on our bikinis, pack our beach bags, and go. (Did I mention Marine is 8 and a half month pregnant, and I was slightly worried she would give birth in my car. Well, luckily for her and for me and for the baby, she didn’t! yay!)

The sea side town is only under two hours away from London and very easy to get to. To be honest, I love to drive, so it doesn’t bother me to travel that amount in a day 🙂 We arrived just for lunch time, and the first stop was oysters.



Renowned for its oysters

I grew up seeing my parents and family eating oysters as a starter to a meal or simply just in the afternoon by the port. But my love for oysters only started a few years ago, and I finally started to appreciate them! If you don’t like them (yet) I would recommend to eat them cooked first, with grilled cheese and garlic. And then, just like the first time you ate sushi, eat your first raw oyster and love it.

The sea side is full of shacks selling oysters, fish & chips and fresh lobsters. A delight to eat on the beach, which is of course what we did, before going for a dip in the sea.




Pretty colours

You will find some amazing colourful houses on the sea front! They are the perfect instagramable houses, so of course we took our time and snapped a few pictures.




Perfect town to relax

We only spent half a day there, but it was all we needed to relax and enjoy the sunshine and the sea. We both have busy and exciting life, and feel very grateful for what we have. But (her more than me) have difficulties to stop and relax. But what was funny, was that even just spending half a day by the sea, it felt like a proper holiday weekend! I am not a person that enjoys sitting on a sun bed by a pool and drinking mojito all day – no critic there, just not me – and so my holidays are often proper exploring trips. I get relaxed by discovering new things, eating delicious food and wine, and just soaking up the moment and nature.


If you have nothing to do this weekend and live in England, you know what to do 🙂

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Manon xx





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