Thanksgiving idea – Salted chocolate ganache with a maple syrup caramel

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I am not American, and though do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but every year,  I am mesmerised by the sumptuous Thanksgiving inspo I see all over the internet. Which is why, I thought I’d share with you a few of my recipes that would also look great on your Thanksgiving celebration table.

The first one, a salted chocolate ganache with a maple syrup caramel, makes a fantastic show stopper. Using maple syrup as the sugar source for the caramel, that recipe is super easy. There is no chance of messing up that caramel, and I guarantee it tastes as rich as a classic caramel.

And lucky for you, this recipes is also available on video, see below!


thanksgiving dessert


I developed this recipe as an ambassador for Maple Syrup of Canada and the recipe is on their website.

RECIPE for the CHOCOLATE and MAPLE SYRUP tart here


thanksgiving dessert





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