1 Christmas Bake a Day – 2# Festive Rocky Roads

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christmas rocky roads  

It has only been two days, and I struggled to deliver my ” 1 Christmas bake a day” today! To give you a quick explanation, when I work with my partners ( brands or other ) we agree on a good day and time to post specific content. Which means, I can plan all of my instagram feed around my paid word. However, sometimes, it doesn’t go specifically to plan – because the content hasn’t been approved, or there are a few tweaks and changes to make etc etc. So I found myself on Tuesday night, not having any recipe ready (that content was a recipe – see here ) …

But I didn’t let myself down. It was probably thanks the adrenaline and endorphins pumping through my body ( Thanks to Barry’s Bootcamp ) and a nice dinner with a friend, that motivated me. I went to the shop at 8pm in the evening, had a quick brainstorm and browsed through the alleys, quickly thinking what on earth I could bake at 8pm.

It only took me 5 minutes to see some chocolate, and then some mini marshmallows … and then I thought “Rocky Roads”!


christmas rocky roads

  roacky roads  

Quantity: For 16 bars

Utensils: a rectangular tin



  • 400g of milk chocolate
  • 50g of dark chocolate
  • 125g of salted butter
Toppings: one handfull of each
  • mini marshmallows
  • dried cranberries
  • pretzels
  • rice puff
To decorate: mini stars, glitters, ginger bread men etc


1* Melt the chocolate and butter together, using a microwave or at bain marie ( a heat proof bowl over a pan filled with water, medium heat). 2* Grease your tin with some butter, and lay some grease proof paper just in the middle. 3* Spread half of your topping inside the tin, and pour half of the melted chocolate. Then spread the rest of the toppings and the rest of the chocolate. Use a spatula to press everything down to a flat spread. 4* Top with the glitters, stars and any decorations you like. 5* Keep in the freezer for 20min. After 20min, wait 2min before removing the hard chocolate from the tin, using the grease proof paper to help you. Use a sharp knife to cut 16 bars.   Et voilà!   manon lagreve

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