Life Update – Cancelled trips and things

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Story of our double cancelled holidays

Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping well in this pretty surreal times. I have gone through multiple emotions, and I am sure you have to! I thought I’ll share a little life update with you here.

We had first planned to go to Japan for 2 weeks, and I had organised pretty much everything. There are a lot of “admin” with travelling to Japan, like getting some rail passes before the trip (which are pretty expensive), booking some sumo wrestling tickets, and of course itinerary and hotels.

But early February, we decided it was best to cancel the full trip. Firstly because things started to get wrong with Covid-19 and also, because our flight got cancelled. We thought it was a sign that it was probably not right to go. The hotels were very generous and didn’t charge the cancellation fees and we got our BA flight refunded, which was lucky!

Obviously at this time – end of February – the situation hadn’t hit the West coast and I really wanted Luke to get a holiday (because he for sure deserved it!) so I booked BA flights to St Lucia in the Caribbean. And did the same again. Researched, booked hotels, Airbnb and got very excited to escape London for a week. This time, I made sure to precise that there was a chance we might not able to go, depending on how things were progressing. We started to isolate on the 13th of March, to make sure we were clear to fly the 17th.

The night before going – which was already a risky move, I agree – St Lucia announced they were closing their borders the day after – on the 17th of March. We were lucky that BA exceptionally were giving out free flights change and rebooked our St Lucia flight to early June. I am really hoping that we can go this time. But if I am realistic, this might not happen!

Of course, you probably think, it is just a holiday. And I totally agree with you and to be honest, I am not upset at all. I was meant to go home with two of my best friends and my Godson in May. I was also meant to do the Seville, Spain half Marathon with my mum, dad, brother and sister, in Aprils. But I know they’ll be other times, and other holidays, life is long!

Consoling myself with our home

Since I haven’t been able to stay in a beautiful Ryoka ( traditional Japanese home) or in a nice cabana on the beach, I have been trying to make our home even more homely.

There are always things that I wanted to do and add in the house, but Luke and I never had the time, or the tools to do so! Before the shut down, we managed to go on a little trip to Homebase and bought some frame shelves for the living room, some paint for the kitchen and an electric screw driver. Youpie!

I have also transformed myself onto a Marie Kondo (She is the champion of the Japanese art of keeping things tidy) ! And also applying what I have learnt in one of my favourite “life” book, L’art de la simplicitéThe art of simplicity” and have kept my home tidy for longer and for better.

I’ll share some of my key learnings from it in another post and share with you soon!



Photography of me by Jennifer Moyes


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