Rediscovering painting

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I painted the oranges to go onto my kitchen wall

Spending time on your own

Painting? Who knew that it would be something I’ll do at 28 years old. But obviously, considering the world epidemic right now, there is nothing else that could surprise me. Just like a lot of you, I have been self isolating at home for about 2 months. To be honest, being at home, and alone, it is something I had to get used to.

Until I was 25 years old or so, I had always been in a relationship. The thought of being on my own was kind of scary. After a break up that year, I had to learn how to fell happy and content, alone. I do think this period of my life really helped me to decide to go self employed a few years later, and I am glad it hapenned.

With this new “free” time, or time to myself, I rediscovered my love for DIY. I grew up in a family with a very handy dad (me and my sister call him Macgyver) who can literally do ANYTHING. And of course my mum was a cook but not only, she used to go to floral courses with my grandma or sewing and DIY “clubs”. My passion was beads. For many years, my wrist was full of funky beads bracelets and I used to make all sorts of animals and swarkosky rings (I have just remembered that trend!).

Painting isn’t only for art classes or DIY

In my head, painting was reserved for art class at school, or when dad made us re paint the gate at home every summer. Also, my big sister was always the best at drawing and so I never felt like it was something I could do or be okay at. I kind of gave up picking up a paint brush for many years. Well, maybe only to do face painting for halloween!

Today, confined in my house, no one to judge my work or to disturb me, I can teach myself to paint again! It started because I wanted to fill a frame for my kitchen, but all of the deliveries were so long! I just thought, well then that’s it, I’ll paint it myself!

My little work station

First proper try at painting a beer to date!

Learn how to paint online has never been more easy

Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, which I often inspire myself from pictures and drawing I see there. I have also found some great instagram accounts , like Brush & Bubbles or Fallintolondon for some amazing painting tutorials! Brush and Bubbles also sell a painting starter kit (which I am currently using) and it is so good!

I am loving making some homemade cards to send to my friends or family at the moment! I just bought some drawing paper in A4, and just cut it in … 4 to make 4 little cards πŸ™‚ And trust me, I got creative!

Me and Luke even had a competition on who could paint Eric Cantona the best! It was for a card for his step dad πŸ™‚ I posted on instagram and mine won πŸ™‚

Guess who was mine πŸ™‚

My painting essentials:

Let’s start to do some more painting πŸ™‚


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