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Do you know what these little “balls” are? They are called Merveilleux (meaning “marvellous” in French) and they are just the most delicious thing ever! It is simply two circles of French Meringue, with some chantilly around and dipped in chocolate shavings, hazelnuts, speculoos or coconut flakes. I discovered Marveilleux in North of France where I studied and they are one of my favourite patisserie. They’re very easy to make plus you can flavour and top them with whatever you like!

If you try making them, I’d love to hear what your favourite flavours and toppings are! My favourite is a combination of praline paste and chocolate shavings.

Easy French patisserie


Makes 10 Merveilleux


For the meringue

  • 240g of sugar (blended in a food processor to make it fine) 
  • 4 eggs whites 
  • 1 tsp of corn flour 

For the cream

  • 300ml cold double cream

For flavours: praline paste, speculoos paste, melted chocolate, coconut, lemon etc

For toppings: chocolate shavings, any nuts, biscuits, shortbread etc


1* Make the French meringue: whisk the eggs whites for 2 minutes and then start to add the fine sugar table spoon by table spoon. Finally, add the corn flour. Keep the mixer on for another 5 minutes, until it is thick and glossy. 

2* Pipe 3/4 cm circles onto a baking mat, and cook for 1h/ 1h15 at 100C fan oven. Keep the meringue in the oven off for an extra hour. 

3* Whisk the cold cream in a mixer and divide in three bowls. Add one tsp of each spread/ chocolate and mix in with the chantilly. 

4* Pipe some cream on top of a meringue and sandwich another one on top. Add a little bit of cream to the top and use a spatula to smooth it out. 

5* Dip in any of the toppings. 

Et voilà!! 


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