Dreaming in St Lucia – travel with baby in Windjammer

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For our last trip of Luke’s paternity leave, we decided to go to St Lucia. A couple of years ago, Luke had planned for us to go there to get engaged, but then you know what happened, and we ended up going to Barbados instead. Which was great, but I do think there are way more to do and see in St Lucia! So I was very excited to finally go and discover the island. The flight is “only” 8h long, which is actually not too bad and goes quickly. I will talk more in details in another blog post about travelling with a baby, but the main point is, just relax, be ready for the unpredictable, and know that babies cry, because this is the only thing they can do to express themselves!

Travel over, we arrived to the South of the island at around 4pm local time and rented a car to get to Windjammer at the North of the island. That took about 1h20min and it was a relatively easy drive. You can also get a transfer from the airport, as I know Windjammer are very helpful with it too. We arrived at sunset and this was how it looked:



The Hotel


Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort  is composed of many different little traditional houses, built on the hill. The reception area is close to the pool and the main beach. There are a couple of restaurants there too, but there is an extra restaurant and pools higher up, which is great to mix it up! They have some little buses which come every 2 minutes and take you anywhere. When we checked in, our luggages were taken care off, and the drive up the hill only took 2 min and was super fun. I also loved being higher up because you get some incredible views everyday when you wake up! 

The main pool is very lovely and quiet, which is great for babies! I have to say though, because the beach is so amazing, we mainly stayed there 🙂 They also have some fun water activities you can do with the hotel for free! You can get to do paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing for free, and they also have other activities you can pay for, like scuba diving or waterskiing. 




Windjammer Room

This was the panoramic view from our terrace every morning … You can see part of pigeon island on the right hand side, and at night we could even see Martinique in the horizon. 

We were lucky to get a lovely large family room, which had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dressing room, a kitchen and reception room and a huge terrace overlooking the sea front. It was truly remarkable, and I think it would also have been perfect for a family of 4 to 5. Here is a video of the view from the bedroom that I have shared on my insta (you need to scroll once to find the video). The kitchen had all amenities, and we had a couple of aperitifs on the terrace and had dinner there one evening. I have to say, I don’t know why the photos on their website are not updated, because our suite was BEAUTIFUL and much nicer in real life.


Windjammer Restaurants

There are 5 restaurants in the resort, so you can mix it up. We loved Jammers for a post beach drink and a quick bite, and it was also great baby food for Fleur. They always had catch of the day, so we ate fresh fish everyday, what a dream! It was well cooked, with a delicious salty green sauce and some fresh vegetables. The cocktails there are also awesome, don’t hesitate to ask them the specials and make sure you try the Ti punch 🙂 

Upper Deck is the fine dining restaurant of the resort, you have to book, and you can also book a candle light dinner 24h in advance if you fancy. The cuisine in Caribbean French, with lots of fresh fish dishes, but also a confit duck (it was divine, I couldn’t resist!) and some beef steaks. 


Windjammer Beach

We spent everyday by the beach, playing in the water or relaxing when Fleur was having a nap. The amazing thing is that the beach is totally private, so it is super safe! Not that the island isn’t safe, but all beaches are public in St Lucia. Windjammer also has this mini floating rings which are great for babies to sit on. 

You also get complementary cocktails and drinks all day if you are all inclusive, the dream!



Why choosing Windjammer?

I think Windjammer is a great place for many different type of holidays. Whether you are a couple and wanted to relax, or are a family. You can have the romantic times as well as the family times, which I think makes this place a really great option on the Island!


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